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A Foodie’s Guide To Seminyak, Bali’s Healthiest Eats   Recently updated !

As any seasoned Southeast Asian traveller knows, locating healthy and nutritious meals can prove to be quite a challenging feat. Sure, there’s a constant supply of fruit available – but many of those sold by outdoor vendors are loaded with added sugar. Alternatively, fresh vegetables seem to be a rarity, […]

Where to Catch Any Pokémon Imaginable in Bangkok

Tentacool, Electabuzz, Lapras, Snorlax, Porygon, Charmander. You might not recognise these names, but your kids almost certainly do. Does Pikachu ring a bell? If you’re still in the dark, these rare digital monsters have been causing Pokémon Trainers to scour cities across the globe in hopes of catching them. While […]


Souq Waqif

5 Sights Not To Miss In Doha, Qatar’s Sleek Cultural Capital   Recently updated !

Having long been eclipsed by Dubai, Doha has rarely been the first city to come to travellers’ minds when planning their trips to the Middle East. Despite having played second fiddle to its glitzier neighbour for years, Doha is a stunning destination to visit in its own right. From awe-inspiring […]

Snorkelling in the lagoon

Thailand’s Great Outdoors

From the country’s highest mountains in the north to the sparkling turquoise sea in the south, Thailand’s diverse natural beauty makes it a leading destination for those who are dreaming of some fun in the sun. Whether you’re visiting with your extended family or indulging in a romantic rendezvous, you’re […]

Discover New Journeys in Siem Reap

As the gateway to the Angkor Archaeological Park, A UNESCO World Heritage site home to the iconic Angkor Wat temple, Siem Reap has long been a popular destination with travellers from around the world. Between recent archaeological findings and a growing emphasis on modern Cambodian culture and creativity, Siem Reap […]



7 Reasons Why You Should Always Have Travel Insurance

There are certain types of travellers who see travel insurance as a needless expense. For them, a little positivity is enough to warrant a smooth and incident-free travel. In an ideal world, not a single aspect of one’s travel plans will go wrong. More often than not, though, unexpected events […]

The Perfect Recipe for the Perfect Holiday

According to the 2016 Food Travel Monitor, a global study conducted by the World Food Travel Association, 95% of American travellers are interested in unique food experiences when they travel. Holidays are definitely made even more remarkable by exploring local cuisine and trying tasty new dishes. How do you create […]



High Time for a Hawaiian Holiday

Picture palm-fringed beaches, colourful flower leis made out of fragrant frangipani blossoms and bright orchid petals, hypnotising hula dancing, and a laidback island lifestyle… this is Hawaii. With a number of welcoming tropical islands to choose from, not to mention a wide range of activities catering to varied interests, Hawaii […]