The Best Photo Spots in Hua Hin

When it comes to picture-postcard views – Hua Hin is not usually the Thai holiday destination that comes to mind, but this beachside town has a whole lot of beauty to offer. Here are some places where we can guarantee you a happy outlook! Read on to explore the Best Photo Spots in Hua Hin.

A hammock between two trees on beach in Hua Hin

Hua Hin Beach Views

                                                                                                       Khao Daeng Viewpoint

Views overlooking the vast landscape from the top of Khao Daeng viewpoint in Hua Hin

Viewpoint at Khao Daeng Hua Hin

Towering limestone peaks, glowing rice paddies and boats bobbing around on the ocean horizon – Khao Daeng Viewpoint might be tough on the legs due to a very steep and rocky incline but at the top you will find the most magnificent views…ones that will make your Instagram followers jealous! This hike is found in Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park which is also home to a very friendly family of monkeys that like to linger around the entrance to the viewpoint trail. Don’t attempt to summit Khao Daeng Viewpoint alone and make sure you take a bottle of water with you.



Bueng Bua Wood Boardwalk

Bueng Bua rickety boardwalk in Hua Hin with mountain backdrop

Bueng Bua Boardwalk Hua Hin

To see the limestone peaks from a different perspective, head out along the one kilometer wooden Bueng Bua Wood Boardwalk – located in the same national park – which stretches over an area of pristine wetland. Keep your eyes peeled for storks, kingfishers and plovers – as well as turtles and lizards. For truly breathtaking views, time your visit for sunset and capture the pink and orange sky reflected in the mirror-like lagoon waters.




Dining with a View

Woman eating beachside meal at sunset in Hua Hin

Sunset Dining in Hua Hin

There are a number of tasty eateries to choose from along the beachfront in Hua Hin. One of the more popular spots is The Beach at Anantasila which offers unobstructed ocean views from a tree-canopied outdoor dining area. You’ll get quality live music as well as a menu of Thai and European specialities. If you love French food, check out Brasserie de Paris, right on the beach on Naresdamri Road. There are great views from the upstairs balcony overlooking the sand and sea. Must-try dishes include crab in lobster sauce and Louisiana style spicy grilled prawns.



Pa La-U Waterfall

Water flowing over the rocks of one of the many tiers of the Pa La-U waterfall in Hua Hin

Pa La-U waterfall in Hua Hin

Pa La-U is located in Kaeng Krachan National Park, close to the Myanmar border. If you have a decent level of fitness and sensible shoes, you’ll be able to climb to the fifth level of the waterfall (there are 15 levels all up but few people have ventured beyond the fifth) and take in the spectacular views across the park as the water cascades above and below you. There are several rock pools to swim in where you’ll find schools of curious fish…but be warned, they like to gently nibble on humans.



Vineyard Views

Rows of grapes growing in one of Hua Hin's local vineyards

A local vineyard in Hua Hin

Tropical locations are not usually where you’d expect to find vineyard tours and wine tasting sessions but Monsoon Valley offers just that, only a short distance from downtown Hua Hin. Dine at their award-winning restaurant, overlooking rows of glorious grape vines, take a tour to learn the secret of wine making in warm climates and hop on a mountain bike to explore the surrounding landscape.




Whale Watching

Bryde's whale emerging from the water

Bryde’s whale emerging from the water

To see a true spectacle of nature, time your trip to Hua Hin between October and December for whale watching season. Each year Bryde’s Whales head to the Bang Tabun river mouth to feed on schools of fish. These gentle giants can reach up to 55 feet in length and weigh 30 tonnes. For the best view of these baleen beasts, take a Wild Encounter Thailand whale watching tour.




Phraya Nakhon Cave

A small structure rests in the Phra Nakhon cave lit up by rays of sunshine from above

Hua Hin’s Phraya Nakhon Cave

It’s not usual to head underground for great views but we can assure you that a visit to the magical Phraya Nakhon Cave will provide a photo opportunity like no other. After climbing down many flights of stairs and walking through some slippery underground natural corridors, you will come across the surreal spectacle of an ornate Buddhist temple in the belly of a cave. Not only that, if you time your visit for the right hour of the day (mid-morning), you’ll be blessed with golden sunshine – pouring through a large opening in the cave’s ceiling – to light up the temple in the most heavenly way.



Wonders of the World

A man feed a young sheep in an open field

Feeding the local sheep

If you’ve always wanted to travel the world but haven’t managed to get further than Asia, don’t worry – you can see the best that Italy, Greece, Morocco and Switzerland have to offer – in Hua Hin! Confused? It just so happens that there are a number of European themed amusement parks and shopping malls in Hua Hin. The most popular is The Venezia, where you can have your photo taken on a gondola floating down a replica of the Grand Canal.

To experience the charm of Greece, head to Santorini Park where you’ll find a mixture of amusement rides, eateries and quaint plazas themed with white walls and blue shutters – just like the famous Grecian isle.

If quaint farmyard scenes are more your thing, check out the Swiss Sheep Farm. You’ll get the chance to hand feed a range of cute and cuddly animals as well as pose in front of windmills, caravans and colourful barnyard buildings.

For more animals – with an exotic backdrop – there’s Camel Republic which is themed around the landscape and culture of Morocco. Treat your Instagram followers to a photo of you on the back of an Arabian camel or feeding a pretty parrot.


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