Offroad Adventures In Koh Samui

Life offers opportunities for adventure around every corner, but few come close to the adrenaline rush of riding an off-road vehicle. The next time you find yourself in Koh Samui, let loose your wild-side with a day of heart-pumping thrills as you explore the depths of this island sanctuary. 

If you’ve ever visited Koh Samui, you already know it’s hard to beat the feeling of freedom that comes with relaxing on a tropical island. You find yourself lying on crisp white sand, taking occasional dips in the clear waters, massaged by the rolling waves. Punctuating this whole experience – the cool refreshing juice of a fresh coconut. Utter bliss. The cares of society are a million miles away and the world truly is your oyster. There are many options available for exploring the sea as you gaze from the shade of a palm tree, be it a gentle swim, snorkelling or maybe even scuba diving. But what about the interior? Instead of feasting your eyes on the cornucopia of life beneath the waves, why not check out life on dry land? While some may prefer the pace of letting their own two feet take them to see the sights, there is a way that will give you just that little extra freedom: off road vehicles.

Just a short walk from the beach will take you to quad bikes that will be your trusty steeds for the day. This is where you will get to know your fellow travellers, and also take the time to get to grips with your vehicle. Once everybody is ready, it’s time for the off, and in no time you’ll find yourself far from the busy strip, ploughing through the dirt, protected from the sun by a ceiling of coconut fronds. As you make your way further and further in, coconut palms make way for lush rubber tree plantations, and by now you should really be at one with your quad, nimbly threading your way through the tracks, working up a sweat. No better time than for the first stop of the day; the cooling waters of a waterfall.

After some very welcome refreshment it’s time to break the cover of the jungle canopy and see just how far you’ve come with a breathtaking mountain view of the whole island. This is also a great opportunity to satisfy the rumbling in your belly, as well as exchange trip highlights with your fellow travellers, all the while soaking up the beautiful view, and the feeling of achievement at having covered so much ground.

Having fixed your eyes on the beach that this whole trip started on, it’s finally time to get back on your steed and work your way back down, checking out rivers, jungle and of course more spectacular views as you go. With the island interior finally explored, it won’t be long until you feel the cool sand of the beach beneath your feet, just in time to watch the sun dip into the waves.

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