Wouldn’t it be nice to have a guaranteed holiday property to take your family to every year?

A Vacation Ownership allows the owner access to a hotel or resort in which multiple people claim ownership and agree to individually share the single unit of space.

Often the term “Vacation Ownership” is applied to villas, condos and homes, but it can also be used for recreational vehicles or trips such as boats, RVs or even cruises too. These owners sign a contract in which they agree to use the unit or location at a specific time, often for a pre-determined period of time every year for many years.

What is a Vacation Ownership? Get to Know The Programme That’s Right for You

What is a Vacation Ownership? Anantara Vacation Club

There are several kinds of Vacation Ownerships available which offer a level of flexibility to people depending on their needs and budget:

1. Fixed Week Vacation Ownership

The most basic Vacation Ownership offers a specific week of the year and location that the buyer chooses at the start of the contract and then adheres to for its length. This can often be for 15 – 30 years. This is perfect for people who enjoy going to the same familiar condo or resort for their holiday at the same time, year after year.

However, it is often possible (with prior approval) that you as the owner can rent out your portion of the Vacation Ownership to friends or family and use the money to take a vacation at a time or place that is more convenient. You can also swap your Vacation Ownership for a different location or time through an exchange program such as Interval International.

2. Floating Week Vacation Ownership

Owners of a floating week Vacation Ownership have more flexibility than a fixed week in that they are allowed to choose a different vacation week each year. This method, however, can quickly become highly competitive because prime vacation periods are usually claimed immediately by eager owners. Sometimes it is difficult to get your most desired vacation period when several owners are competing for the same timeslot. However, it opens up an opportunity to travel at different times and during different seasons, and if you can be among the first owners to pick a time slot, you have a great advantage.

Which Vacation ownership is better for you?

3. Points Club

Similar to that of a travel rewards program, Vacation Ownership owners are eligible to stay at different locations based on the number of points they have accumulated. Anantara Vacation Club is one such Vacation Ownership Club which operates this way.

These points are used as currency and the more you own the bigger or more luxurious property you are able to acquire. You are also not obligated to spend your points on the traditional weeklong vacation; you can take a Vacation Ownership that is longer or shorter and spend more or less points, respectively.

However, these Vacation Ownerships are often on a first-come-first-serve basis so competition for the most desirable locations and prime times can sometimes be high. If you make your booking in advance, however, you should have no problem getting the room at the resort you want plus you have more flexibility to travel to a wide range of destinations!

4. Right-to-Use Vacation Ownership

In this type of Vacation Ownership, you do not own the property because there is no deed or title that you sign. Instead, a right-to-use Vacation Ownership allows people the temporary use of the property which then reverts back to the original owner, who is typically the management company or resort developer, after the agreed upon period of time.

These often offer more flexibility in that they base their usage on the number of units used rather than time used. They are also popular if you want a Vacation Ownership in a country overseas.

Regardless of the type of Vacation Ownership you choose, you can be sure that having the special place to take your friends and family year after year will lead to priceless memories.

Anantara Vacation Club is one of the most renowned Vacation Ownership operators for owners in China and South East Asia.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can take advantage of the many benefits of Vacation Ownership please contact us on info@anantaraclub.com.

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