Happy New Year! A new year always gives the chance for a fresh start, if you haven’t made your 2016 resolutions yet now is the chance. This year get those resolutions to stick and be your best self. Whether it’s losing weight, eating better, spending more time with family or even checking a new country off your travel bucket list (now that’s a resolution we can really get behind!), these four tips will help you stick to those resolutions once and for all.

4 Ways to Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick

4 Ways to make your New Year resolutions stick

1. Share your resolutions

Decided on what you want to work on this year? Let other people know! Sharing your goals and resolutions publicly will help make you more accountable and live up to your, and others’, expectations.

2. Focus on short-term goals

It’s great to set lofty ambitions, but to get there, focus on the short-term goals that will help you eventually meet your long-term objectives. Want to get into better shape or complete a big home improvement project? Instead of concentrating on the end goal, make an effort to meet the little steps, goals and deadlines, such as committing to staying active in some way everyday or making that first appointment with your contractor, that will eventually lead to making that final outcome a reality.

3. Get a buddy

Like sharing your resolutions with others, teaming up with a friend who has similar goals will help you not only stay accountable, but also help provide support if you start losing your resolve.

4. Track your progress

Regularly check in with yourself on your progress to keep focused on your resolution and moving in the right direction. Depending on your resolution, set aside some time every week, or even every day, to briefly touch base and check on what you need to work on. Tracking your progress will not only help keep you focused, it will also be a way to encourage yourself to stick with your resolutions as you start to see your hard work and dedication start to pay off.

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