There is something familiar and comforting about a traditional Vacation Ownership and knowing that you can spend a vacation in the same familiar place year after year. However, many members of a Vacation Ownership have the added advantage of being able to stay in incredible accommodations around the world that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise though an exchange programme. These exchange programmes can provide nearly endless travel opportunities by opening up the door to thousands of locations in hundreds of different countries.

What is a Vacation Ownership Exchange Programme?

What is a Vacation Ownership Exchange Programme?

Vacation Ownership truly redefines luxurious leisure travel but flexibility within your Vacation Ownership can be the key to better, more memorable vacations. The variety of options provided by an exchange programme often gives you the opportunity to:

  • Use your points or home resort week in another incredible location
  • Choose a different week or time slot during the year to vacation while staying at the same resort

For example, if you are unable or unwilling to use your originally scheduled week and prefer to save it for later, you can alert an exchange company of your decision and they will save your week. This is known as “banking” and you will not lose your time. In exchange for your week, you will be provided credits with which you can later make an exchange request to have your week returned to you. This is the basic principal behind the exchange programme.

But there’s more. Some exchange methods are perfect for last minute travellers and allow changes up to a few days before check-in. Although it is encouraged to book far in advance to secure your booking in the destination and accommodation of your choice, changes in your schedule – or last minute travel opportunities – can happen beyond your control. Keep in mind that an exchange does depend on availability, but an exchange programme can improve your chances of finding a suitable exchange immensely.

What is a Vacation Ownership Exchange Programme?

Other exchange programmes do not require you to forfeit your resort week before your exchange request comes through. Instead, they allow you to trade in your Ownership points for a different type of vacation, such as taking a tour, cruise or golf vacation, as well as stay at partner properties around the world, allowing Owners to both enjoy the familiar comforts of their usual Vacation Ownership resorts while also having exclusive access to unique experiences worldwide. Lastly, some exchange programmes will allow you to exchange your single resort week into two shorter holidays, granting you better flexibility to fit your upcoming trips into your busy schedule.

An exchange programme is a value-added service with Vacation Ownerships. The team behind the membership service and programme will showcase the options available that best suit your family’s travelling needs per your request. After all, it’s your vacation time and you should have the ability to choose the holiday you want, how and when you want it. An exchange programme allows the flexibility to trade your resort week or use points in a different location, guaranteeing that you’ll have a spectacular vacation every year.

To learn more about the unforgettable holidays you and your family can experience through a Vacation Ownership in conjunction with a comprehensive holiday exchange programme, please contact Anantara Vacation Club, the leading Vacation Ownership provider in Asia, at info@anantaraclub.com or visit our Special Offers page.

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