Plush Phuket: A look at the luxurious side of Phuket and beyond

Phuket conjures up images of the warm sun, a piña colada in hand, and children frolicking on powdery white sand. Thailand’s most intriguing island may be many things to many visitors – a relaxing island sanctuary, a pulsing party scene, a shopping haven, and a foodie paradise – but it is not to be overlooked as a prime beach destination for couples and especially for families looking to experience a tantalising tropical retreat that offers luxury in spades.

Plush Phuket:A look at the luxurious side of Phuket and beyond

Plush Phuket

A Spotlight on Phuket Beaches

What else can be said about the beautiful beaches of Phuket that hasn’t already been said? They are simply stunning – with their crystal clear waters, flourishing marine life, and a great variety of activities that people of absolutely all ages can enjoy.

But not all Phuket beaches are the same. With more than 30 beaches, Phuket’s first-time tourists, and even repeat-visitors, would have a hard time picking the perfect spot for their getaway.

A satisfying beach escape awaits at Kata Noi Beach, located near Kata Beach’s vibrant centre but far enough from the busy tourist areas. Surfing and snorkeling are top activities in this relatively small beach location. Meanwhile, Surin Beach lets you soak in all of the Andaman Sea’s splendour. What it lacks in party scene, it more than makes up for in trendy restaurants and stylish beachside haunts. If lively nightlife is essential to your Phuket trip, then the popular Karon Beach is ideal.

For a truly sensational seaside holiday, Mai Khao Beach offers a delectable combination of tranquility, nature and luxury. A beach getaway doesn’t get more glamorous than Mai Khao, with its vast stretches of pure white sand, and with five-star resorts such as Anantara Vacation Club Mai Khao Phuket nearby, you are only a few minutes’ walk from Mai Khao pristine beach while also being close to the inviting greenery of Sirinath National Park.

Plush Phuket

Essential Phuket Activities

Phuket is so much more than just fabulous beaches. Despite being more popular for its full moon festivities, vibrant party enclaves, and small yet thriving shopping scene, Phuket is worth exploring with the family because there are plenty of activities to do. Whether it’s sea excursions, land adventures or festive cultural shows you’re after, there are several ways to elevate your Phuket experience:

Sea and Water Excursions

Discover all of Phuket’s scenic treasures by taking half-day or full-day tours of the beautiful neighbouring islands. Phi Phi Islands are at the top of our list to visit. Emerald waters crash into well-preserved stone cliffs as divers and spectators marvel at its phenomenal beauty. Despite its modest dimensions (it’s only 576 sq km), Phuket’s most popular islands have, simply put, a star quality that makes them impossible to ignore!

While you can enjoy watersports on the mainland, your underwater photos would look more impressive when taken under the turquoise waters of Phang Nga, Krabi or Similan Islands. Pit stops or longer stays at various islands can be arranged through Anantara Vacation Club Mai Khao Phuket’s excursion package, which ensures you’re covered for transfers by speedboat, meals, snorkeling equipment and safety.

Plush Phuket

Adventure Tours

Say hi to the island’s gentle giants when you go on an elephant trekking tour. Need a boost from a slow-paced jungle trek? Add white-water rafting to your to-do list, and get your pulse racing as you navigate your way through Tone Pariwat Wildlife Sanctuary’s nature trail. For that much needed touch of elegance to your Phuket escape, a dinner cruise will more than satiate.

Adventure tours hosted by Anantara Vacation Club come with knowledgeable guides who can make sure that you’re in good hands as you discover the more adventurous side of the island.

Plush Phuket

Cultural Shows

Dazzling dances and stellar showmanship from talented performers can be expected at some of Phuket’s cultural extravaganzas. Start off with Phuket Simon Cabaret and be wowed by its eclectic mix of glamorous costumes and magnetic charisma, while cultural theme parks such as Siam Niramit and Phuket Fantasea will complete your cultural journey.

For luxurious getaways in this enchanting and ever-evolving island paradise, Anantara Vacation Club Mai Khao Phuket’s impeccably designed villas and warm service will put you right where the calming serenity of the natural environment is in perfect harmony with soothing luxury. Kids’ entertainment will be well accounted for with the Teen Zone’s host of activities: pizza-making classes, gaming consoles, rock climbing or a day-long plunge in the indoor pool. Meanwhile, Anantara Spa provides the best venue for a luxurious beachside getaway for the adults in the family.

With its tropical treats and comforts of a modern city, Phuket is impossible to resist. It combines all that you could possibly want in a blissful island escape – a luxuriously cosy retreat that offers a complete range of multi-sensory holiday experiences.



Phuket Tourism

Phuket attracts on average 4 million tourists annually. That’s not surprising considering the allure of this tropical island.


Phuket is easily and most conveniently accessible by air. Daily flights are available from Thailand’s major airports including Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Samui, as well as flights from Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Singapore and Sydney international airlines.

Investing in the Island

Chinese property investors are setting their sights on Phuket. The relative proximity of China to Thailand, as well as Phuket’s reputation as an ideal holiday destination are two of the main contributing factors why there has been growing interest in Thailand’s biggest and wealthiest island.

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