Discover Mozambique’s Pristine Landscape & Local Wildlife

Mozambique has long been raved about as Africa’s best-kept travel secret. It has remained largely off of most tourists’ wish lists, being eclipsed by nearby countries such as South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania. Having formerly been colonized by Portugal for over four centuries, it offers visitors a distinctly unique vibe […]


Known for its sparkling white sand and brilliant blue water, Mozambique is not only a breathtaking beach destination but also a unique and culturally rich country that offers intrepid travellers a world of beauty, history and adventure. This off-the-beaten-path destination rewards those who seek its pristine shores with a range […]


After a complicated history, Mozambique is on the rise. Stretching from Tanzania in the north to South Africa in the south, its idyllic islands, spectacular sea life, wild safaris and vibrant blend of colonial heritage and African traditions are turning the country into an enchanting African escape and a hot […]