Known for its sparkling white sand and brilliant blue water, Mozambique is not only a breathtaking beach destination but also a unique and culturally rich country that offers intrepid travellers a world of beauty, history and adventure. This off-the-beaten-path destination rewards those who seek its pristine shores with a range of striking coastlines, jungle terrain, remote archipelagoes, impressive wildlife, well-preserved coral reefs, charming architecture and more.

Magnificent Mozambique

Magnificent Mozambique

Even better, the best time to visit this exotic getaway is right now – from May to November – when the country is in its dry season that sees cooler, drier weather than the rest of the year. Read on to discover just what makes this island paradise so special (and how you can experience it all with the signature Anantara twist at two exclusive resorts available within Anantara Vacation Club’s Club Escapes programme!).

Currency: Mozambican Metical

Visa rules: Visitors from all countries must obtain a visa (usually good for 30 days) before entering the country. Check with your home country’s Mozambican consulate for details.

Language: Portuguese is the official language of Mozambique. To say, “Hello”, simply say “Hola”. For “Thank you”, it’s “Ombrigado” for males and “Ombrigada” for females.


You can’t talk about Mozambique without first mentioning its exquisite beauty. Forget about more popular tropical island destinations like the Caribbean or the Bahamas – this is paradise. Stepping away from the sea, visitors can dive deep into a thrilling jungle filled with tropical flora and fauna. Along with its natural splendour, the country also boasts some of the most well-preserved colonial-era architecture found throughout Africa.


Though Mozambique has been strongly influenced by the Portuguese, who first established a number of forts and trade routes starting as early as 1500, the island nation has still managed to retain its African heritage, which is evident throughout Mozambique’s art, music and cuisine. When it comes to food, Mozambique offers some of the region’s most distinctive fare (thanks in part to the historic Portuguese influence) with many dishes featuring the island’s abundant seafood.


From kayaking to windsurfing, and everything in between, Mozambique offers an array of water sports and activities that will get the adrenaline pumping while allowing you to soak up the sun and reconnect with the sea. The country also offers some of the world’s most incredible diving spots, such as the Baixo do Pinda Peninsula which stretches into the Indian Ocean where experienced divers can discover nearly 15 kilometres of wall dives with mesmerising coral reefs. For those who love to snorkel, you’ll still find plenty of coral, colourful fish and sea grass closer into shore.

Adventurous travellers can also head out on a safari and search for some of Africa’s iconic wildlife, including elephants, at places like Gorongosa National Park or Chitengo Safari Camp.

Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort

Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort


With its faraway feel and stunning scenery, it is easy to slip into Mozambique’s relaxed way of life. Here, your normal cares and responsibilities feel worlds away as you dip your feet into the refreshing waters, lounge on the beach, explore your exotic surroundings and dine under the stars. Anantara Bazaruto Island Resorttakes relaxation to another level with its Bazaruto Island Discovery Package that allows guests to make the most of their time on the water with a range of watersports, then soak up soothing indulgences including special pampering with a surprise mini treatment at the Anantara Spa before unwinding for the evening with a night of magical wining and dining. Of course, guests can always book extended packages and treatments within the sanctuary of the Anantara Spa for even more rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.


The country’s remote location paired with its welcoming local vibe and serene backdrop of sand and sea naturally creates the perfect setting for romance to come alive. Private cruises, remote island picnics, world-class meals prepared for two and sensual massage treatments are all available at theAnantara Medjumbe Island Resort. Situated on an intimate private island in the Quirimbas Archipelago off the northern coast of Mozambique, the adults-only retreat (guests must be 16 years of age or older) creates a hidden haven, all with Anantara’s unique attention to detail and luxurious accommodation offerings, for particularly special occasions, unforgettable honeymoons or memorable anniversaries.

Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort

Travelling to Mozambique

Mozambique’s beaches provide plenty of fun and activity to entertain for hours. That said, it does take some effort to reach the island… but getting there is all part of the experience! Prepare for an adventure with potentially long bus and boat rides from the mainland and keep snacks and activities on hand.

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