While spring may have sprung in North America and Europe, and China and Southeast Asia are experiencing a hot summer, the Southern Hemisphere is seeing a different side of Mother Nature – snow!

Organising a family holiday in a cold destination requires some extra guidance and preparation, especially when you’re planning on taking part in outdoor activities such as snowshoeing or skiing. Keep these tips in mind for a cool and safe winter holiday.

Plan Your Family’s Winter Getaway This May


Don’t underestimate the weather

There’s nothing quite like the brilliant blue skies of a brisk winter day when the sun is shining on the snow below – it’s exhilarating and energising! That said, weather will play a big role in what activities you can enjoy and might make it difficult for little ones who aren’t used to cold temperatures.

Keep an eye on the temperature and wind chill, and make sure to take plenty of warm-up breaks when doing outdoor activities. Children will be more willing to play and participate when they’re not too cold!

When skiing or snowboarding, choose the mountain that best fits your family

Don’t worry about finding the biggest resort or mountain. Smaller destinations are often more family-friendly and less intimidating for new skiers.

When skiing or snowboarding, choose the mountain that best fits your family

Get lessons

Want to try out ice skating for the first time? Haven’t hit the slopes for a while? Starting your holiday with lessons in the sport of your choice will help ensure you enjoy the activity to the fullest while also improving your skills.

Comfort is key

When it comes to snow gear, especially while skiing or doing another active sport, make sure you have good-fitting clothes and equipment that will also keep you warm and dry. (Read this month’s “Packing for a Winter Family Holiday” for more helpful packing tips.)

Comfort is key

Book in advance

Visiting a resort destination during its high season means you need to book everything in advance to avoid disappointment.

Find a home away from home

After a fun day out in the snow, your family will want a cozy haven to return to that allows them to fully warm up and unwind. The welcoming Anantara Vacation Club at Oaks Shores Queenstown offers just what you’re looking for.

With spacious apartments and all the amenities of home, one that affords an overview of Lake Wakatipu, your family can relive their adventures outdoors in the comfort of the resort’s great indoors. Queensland’s cool, fresh air combined with luxurious facilities will give you just the boost you need mid-year!

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