Vacation Ownerships are a wonderful way for people to take regular holidays at a place that they love and feel comfortable in returning to again and again. Vacation properties where you are a shared Owner have several benefits making them a popular alternative for people who like to travel often while offering less hassle – and often lower costs – than a traditional hotel or vacation home.

Creating Your Dream Holiday: The Pros of Owning your Own Vacation Ownership Program  

The Pros of Owning your Own Vacation Ownership Program

There are several advantages to owning a Vacation Ownership:

  • Being able to afford a luxurious resort that may otherwise be financially impossible.
  • Experiencing less hassle than maintaining a vacation home of your own.
  • Relief from deciding on and making arrangements for a new vacation destination each year.
  • More comforts than a standard hotel, such as kitchen, laundry facilities and larger living areas.
  • Enjoying flexibility of exchanging your Vacation Ownership and travelling the world staying in similar accommodations that are already paid for.
  • No room bill at checkout leaving you free to take advantage and fully enjoy the property facilities & services and destination.
  • Most importantly, you freeze the price of your vacation expense for the life of the Club.

A Vacation Ownership is a type of property in which several people co-own together and agree to share the space, usually at a specific time of the year for each owner. A Vacation Ownership only requires that its Owner pay for their share of the vacation property (either the amount of points or weeks they own), unlike owning a vacation house which is paid for even though much of the year it is left empty and unused. Because you are sharing the yearly cost of a vacation resort with others, many people see this as an opportunity to travel and stay at a place much larger and more luxurious than they might normally have access to.

Although owning your own vacation home has its advantages, it can easily become a burden to provide regular upkeep to maintain its quality and property value. In the case of a Vacation Ownership, the hassle of maintaining the property – whether through do-it-yourself means or by contracting a private company to handle issues – is lifted from your shoulders. Instead, Vacation Ownership owners are obliged to pay minimal annual fees that allow the management company to schedule the maintenance.

There’s something to be said about having a familiar and favourite place to go to, year after year, with your friends and family and know that the resort will deliver a personal vacation experience because they know you.

“Of course, it’s nice to stay in comfortable accommodation while on holiday,”

said Melanie Smith, Vice President Club Operations for Anantara Vacation Club.

“But it’s really the convenience and feeling of being welcomed like family where the real value of Vacation Ownership becomes apparent. Vacation Ownership through the Anantara Vacation Club makes the decision of where to go on holiday easy when vacation time rolls around. Our programmes allow Owners a guaranteed holiday to look forward to, making it a convenient way to take off work and schedule a vacation.”

The Pros of Owning your Own Vacation Ownership Program

Melanie says that Vacation Ownership Owners appreciate the support and familiarity – not to mention the insider access to incredible destinations and properties – that comes with ownership.

“You can look forward to an unparalleled lifestyle that includes dining at amazing restaurants and enjoying first-class hospitality without dealing with the hassle and uncertainty associated with navigating somewhere new and unknown.”

Over the years, she and her teams have watched families grow and have children, then see those children get married and start to purchase their own Vacation Ownerships. It’s very fulfilling for both the resort associates and families to have this special lifelong relationship – a truly powerful differentiator from other vacation products.

Rather than staying in a small, cramped hotel room, Vacation Ownership provides your family and friends with a roomier, more comfortable stay. For example, Anantara Vacation Club offerings feature multi-room accommodations that come fully equipped with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and a living room and kitchen, Vacation Ownerships are perfect for larger groups who want to spend time together under one roof. This also helps to minimise additional costs usually attributed to additional hotel rooms to accommodate several people or from eating costly meals at restaurants because you can make home-cooked meals in the kitchen provided.

Lastly, Vacation Ownership is often flexible in how and when you use it. For example, you can rent out your portion to family members or friends and make money off of it if you do not use it that particular year. Other times, you can swap or upgrade the location or time period as part of an exchange program, allowing you to choose from many different destinations and resorts.

One thing is for certain, buying into a Vacation Ownership will provide years of exciting travel and togetherness for you, your family and friends.

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