At Anantara Vacation Club we strive to help Owners not only travel well but live well. We know that travel plays a significant part in Owners lives and, whether travelling for business or simply enjoying a family holiday, it’s important to make health and wellness a priority – for the whole family – so you can keep enjoying your travels to the fullest!

Make March Your healthiest Month Yet With These 3 Simple Travel Snacks


When you’re travelling or on holiday it’s easy to slide off your normal eating schedule or diet. It’s also common, particularly for younger travellers, for appetites to change or go on hunger strike at unexpected times – especially during a long day of activities and sightseeing. Both kids and adults can enjoy these simple, healthy snacks to keep on hand for a quick nibble:

Dried fruits and nuts

A handful of dried fruits and nuts will quickly give you the energy you need thanks to a burst of natural sugar, healthy fats and protein.


Cartons of milk

Milk is a great, and easily portable, way to consume protein and calcium during the day and is a popular drink throughout many of Anantara Vacation Club’s destinations, including Thailand. Choose regular milk or offer your kids a flavoured version for a special treat but be aware of added sugars!

Chopped fruits or vegetables

Grab a sealable container and fill it with a combination of long lasting fruits, such as sliced apples, oranges and grapes, or chopped vegetables like carrots and cucumber. (Staying at Anantara Vacation Club Resorts makes this easy since Owners have access to their own kitchen for simple food prep!)


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