Be at Home Wherever You Are This Holiday Season with a Vacation Ownership

With the holidays approaching, many families are making special arrangements and gathering together from across the country tospend quality time with their loved ones. With a Vacation Ownership, you and your family can enjoy a traditional holiday with the comforts of homewhile enjoying an exotic new location.

Be at Home Wherever You Are This Holiday Season with a Vacation Ownership

Anantara Vacation Club Resorts, for example,feature several bedrooms, a spacious living area and a fully functional kitchen. Theseluxury villas are the perfect place for a large family to makememories playing games, participating in traditional activities and cooking together as they have done in years past.Your family will love feeling“at home” in these villas with their ample space and modern comforts.

But there’s an exciting twist! TheResort locations span across several countries and each collection is inspired by the culture and heritage of the area. Bring your family together under one spectacular roofin China, Indonesia, New Zealand or Thailandto celebrate your family’s traditions together.

If you prefer to stay close to home, the Anantara Vacation Club Sanya is on Hainan Island in the South China Sea. Nestled between sandy beaches and scenic mountains,this location is perfect for families looking to experience a variety of natural adventureswithout travelling too far. It is also rich with history and culture, making it easy to enjoy time-honoured family traditions.

Be at Home Wherever You Are This Holiday Season with a Vacation Ownership

Thailand, a charming and alluring country that stands out from many other tropical destinations, is also not far away. Anantara Vacation Club features three amazing locations to select from in Thailand with a fourth one coming soon in 2016. Choose either Koh Samui orPhuket, two exotic islands home to unspoiledwhite beaches and warm, crystal clear waters. Here you can relax with beautiful views, dine on delicious seafood, and enjoy unforgettable activities such as diving or sailing. The Club also hasluxury Club Resorts in Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, which is a bustling city full of places to explore and shop which is greatfor the entire family.

A jet setter lifestyle awaits you at the Anantara Vacation Club Bali Seminyak in Indonesia. Here you’ll experience a joyful sense of luxury and charm through gourmet restaurants and cafés, designer shops and chic bars. Bring your traditions to this island’s lush green forests and endless stunning beaches, or create new family traditions while experiencing the famous Balinese hospitality andculture.

Be at Home Wherever You Are This Holiday Season with a Vacation Ownership

A wealth of relaxing and invigorating activities can be found atthe Anantara Vacation Club at Oaks Shore in New Zealand. You’ll be in the country’s most popular ski resort town and famous alpine destination which features world class ski slopes, golf courses and vineyards. This regionhas four distinct seasons, so it’s possible to enjoy a variety of water, air and land based activities year round. No two days will be the same!

Spend an unforgettable multigenerational holiday together relaxing and celebrating the holidays with the conveniences of home but in an exotic place you’d never though before possible.Whether you choose to stay at one of our luxury villas closer to home or prefer to travel to one of our more exotic destinations, let the Anantara Vacation Club give you the best of both worlds this holiday season.

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