Discover and explore the world of fine wines with Anantara Vacation Club Wine Guru experiences; from blindfolded tastings to exquisite wine dinners.

A bold red with notes of blackberry and chocolate; a crisp white with a light, grassy bouquet and fresh gooseberry aroma; incredible evenings of fine wines and extraordinary dining are all part of the Anantara Vacation Club experience.

Behind the cellar doors with Anantara Wine Gurus

Anantara Wine Guru

Minor Hotel Group Wine Guru Jirachai (June) Sethisakko

Romantic dinners; a toast to another incredible day; a special occasion; or a relaxing dinner; dedicated Wine Gurus, at every resort, recommend the perfect dining complement. Behind the cellar doors is award-winning Minor Hotel Group Wine Guru Jirachai (June) Sethisakko, creating a wonderful world of wine for Anantara Vacation Club resorts.


June leads an award-winning team of world-class sommelier, including Wine Guru Peetiwat Manapim, winner of Best Sommelier of Thailand for Club Escape Anantara Phuket Layan Resort & Spa, Wine Professional of Thailand winner and finalist in the Asia Oceania Wine Competition in Korea.

His top tip on knowing a good quality bubbly is the longer the bubbles stay the better the wine and also by the clarity of the fizzing in the glass.

Many Anantara Hotels and Resorts are winners of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence too and Wine Gurus travel to vineyards across the globe for grassroots experience; authentic training in the wonder of wine. Their attention to detail makes a big difference to guests’ wine drinking experiences, such as serving the right glass with the right wine; the perfect size and shape to suit the bouquet, taste, balance and finish of each wine.

White wine glass

Take a wine tour

June leads the Wine Gurus to take you on a journey of wine tasting and food and wine pairings. Savour select glasses at a wine dinner and raise a glass to the wine of the month. June designs each unique wine menu, training an elite force of sommeliers to inspire real appreciation of fine wines. However, June’s advice is to

just enjoy what you like. There are no golden rules and it all depends on your palate!

Wine is about passion

The joy of a great wine at Anantara Vacation Club is inspired by June’s energy and enthusiasm,

My favourite wine is definitely old world wines such as Italian and French. I love the history, stories and passion behind the labels. The world of wines is an endless treasure trove that you can continuously explore. I would love to visit Japan to learn more about sake in the future.”

This zest for good wine creates the best Wine Gurus, according to June.

It is just as much about personal interest and passion as it is about expertise. Our sommeliers love sharing their knowledge and the stories behind the great wines we serve. It is an interactive role. Tasting flights are one of our most popular experiences too and these can be made even more intriguing with the fun twist of blindfolding guests!”

June’s wine terminology guide

While sipping fine wine on your luxury Anantara Vacation Club stay, you can show your appreciation with June’s handy wine terminology guide:

Aroma – The smells of a wine, particularly those derived from the grape and fermentation.

Balance – A wine in which all the elements (fruit, acidity, tannin, etc.) are in harmony.

Bouquet – The smells that develop with ageing.

Finish – The final sensation left in the mouth. A long, persistent finish is considered a sign of a fine wine.

Anantara Wine Guru tasting

What is your favourite wine and why?

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