5 Top Travel Apps for Your Trip by Ilaria Nardone.

5 Top Travel Apps for Your Trip

Finally, the summer is here! You have planned your holidays, packed and are good to go…with a little help from the top 5 apps to prepare for your vacation of course!

Whether you are travelling alone, with that special someone, or with friends or family, vacation time is supposed to be an enjoyable experience and not a stress-inducing activity. This week, we continue our blog series Mobile Apps for Your Holidays and reveal how you can get benefit with five essential travel apps.

1. Don’t get lost in translation

Do you want to say hello in Chinese during your stay with us at Anantara Vacation Club Sanya? Or ask directions in Thai? Your phone can become you own personal translator with the Google Translate App. Perfect for simple phrases, you can tap on this app or speak directly to it. For more in-depth translation and apps with a bigger vocabularies try iTranslate for iOS and QuickDic for Android, which both work offline too.


2. The price is right

Shopping is less retail therapy and more a mathematical challenge when you’re constantly trying to convert currency on the spot, in your head. XE Currency is not only one of the best currency-related websites but also a great app. The bonus is that it works offline too.

3. Find a hotspot

International data roaming charges are still extremely high, so knowing where to find a Wi-Fi hotspot, without waving your device up and down as if you are dowsing for water, is a huge necessity when travelling. Download Wi-Fi Finder for iOS and for  Android and discover the nearest hotspot. You can consult the maps offline too which helps.

 wifi finder | 5 Top Travel Apps for Your Trip


4.  Eat, drink & get around

Whether you like to plan every last detail in advance or go with the flow and explore on the go, it’s always great to know what the best out-and-about options are nearby.

Foursquare is an easy-to-use app that allows you to find out what restaurants and bars are right around where you are. You can share your own tips and pictures, as well as pinpoint your favourite places. You can also browse the interest lists created by users. Check out our list for Club Resorts destinations.

The TripAdvisor app is a great way to get the low down on what restaurants and bars are nearby too and also what other visitors think about them. Find a recommendation and leave your own review!

5. Survive the urban jungle

When you’re on holiday you just want to be able to jump in a cab easily and get to where you are going without any hassle. With the Easy Taxi app you can book a cab with a certified driver and even leave a comment about your ride, which helps ensure a better service. To book a luxurious car or a spacious SUV, use Uber instead – for example during your staying at Anantara Vacation Club Bangkok.

Uber | 5 Top Travel Apps for Your Trip

In our third part of the blog series, Mobile Apps for Your Holidays, we’ll look at the best apps to share your holiday memories, plus a special feature focused on apps and social media in China.

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