As an Anantara Vacation Club Owner, you have the whole world at your fingertips. From skiing in New Zealand to lounging on the beach in Bali, you enjoy exclusive access to a range of luxurious accommodation and destinations worldwide anytime.

But where to go if you can go anywhere? Here’s a few tips on how to easily plan your next holiday and make the best use of your Club Points or vacation time.

5 Tips for Better Vacation Planning

5 Tips for Better Vacation Planning

Plan Ahead

While there aren’t strict requirements on how early you should book ahead, the earlier you can plan your journey and choose accommodation, the better. Particularly during busy travel times, like school breaks or holidays such as Chinese New Year, you’ll want to use your Club Points for booking rooms as soon as possible to make sure you secure a booking at the resort and dates of your choosing.

Use the Live Booking System

Our live booking system is a great and friendly tool for owners to book Club Resorts, enter your log in details here and start planning where you want to go on your next vacation. The system gives you real-time information about what rooms are available at what Club Resorts and how many Points they require.

Book During Off-Peak Times

Not only will you have a better chance of booking the room you want, but can also save Club Points when you book during off-peak days or seasons. For example, you can see from the live booking system that weekend and holiday nights are often reserved far in advance, yet Monday and Tuesday nights will still have rooms available – and they often require less Club Points to book!

Save or Borrow Your Club Points

Each year you receive your set amount of Club Points, but did you know that you can actually save your Points from the previous year or borrow them from the upcoming year? For instance, if you didn’t travel much or use all your Club Points one year, you can save and add them to your next year’s Point allotment. Additionally, if you’re travelling more often than usual or planning an extra special holiday that requires more Club Points than you typically use, you can borrow Points from the upcoming year to use immediately toward your holiday. These options to save and borrow not only ensure that no Points are wasted – you won’t lose them if you don’t use them – but help guarantee that you can enjoy the holiday and accommodation of your choosing no matter how many Points they require.

Think Global with Anantara Vacation Club

Think Global

While your Club Points tend to give you the best value when you use them toward Club Resorts, you’re not limited to staying only at Anantara Vacation Club Resorts. Check out the Club Escapes that are on offer allowing Club Owners to enjoy stays at Anantara Hotels, Resorts & Spas, AVANI Hotels and Resorts and Oaks Hotels & Resorts throughout the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Additionally, our in-house Global Traveller exchange program lets you exchange your Club Points to be able to use them for accommodation at thousands of different resort locations worldwide.

Have questions or need more help planning your next holiday? Log on to your Anantara Vacation Club account to contact Club Services via email, telephone or live chat.

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Anantara Vacation Club, launched in 2010, is an exclusive collection of luxurious Vacation Ownership resorts and suites, offering each generation the opportunity to explore the world’s most exciting destinations. Owners can purchase Club Points that determine the length of stay, time of year and the size and type of accommodation. Visit: anantaravacationclub.com Contact us: info@anantaraclub.com

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