Owning a vacation property in the form of a Vacation Ownership is a financially attractive and hassle-free alternative for many people who enjoy leisure travel. Vacation ownership provides many benefits such as a guaranteed vacation spot, luxurious yet affordable accommodations for a group of family and friends, and in certain occasions, the flexibility to change your ownership type to take advantage of exotic destinations all over the world.

5 Points to Consider When Buying a Vacation Ownership

5 Points to Consider When Buying a Vacation Ownership

If you are interested in buying a Vacation Ownership plan there are a few questions you should ask yourself before taking the plunge:

Do I consider the Vacation Ownership purchase as an investment?

No, you should not look at your Vacation Ownership purchase as an investment.  It is a programme designed to enhance the holiday experiences available to you, allowing you to lock in your resort accommodation at today’s prices to avoid increased rates due to inflation, and guarantee you with holiday options for years to come. Some people buy a Vacation Ownership programme thinking that it is a way to make money, either by subletting it out to friends or family at an equal or higher rate, which you may be able to do. However, a better choice may be to gift holidays to your wider family and friends network, allowing them to also enjoy the magic of creating lifelong memories whilst travelling the world.

Do I consider the Vacation Ownership a purchase as an investment?

What are my club fees used for?

Owners who purchase Vacation Ownership are granted more protection as some of the luxury branded Vacation Ownership clubs operating in China and Southeast Asia place the club’s assets into a trust to ensure that the owners’ interests are protected throughout the life of the club.  Similar to owning a condominium, the payment of club fees guarantees the upkeep of the owner’s purchase over the years, with these fees being used to maintain resorts, enhance owners’ facilities and programmes, and to provide ancillary services.   With all monies being used to manage and maintain your club, you are ensured peace of mind in relation to the maintenance of your club resorts.

What are my Club Fees used for?What are my Club Fees used for?What are my Club Fees used for?

How does my vacation style affect my decision to get a Vacation Ownership plan?

Do you enjoy going to the same place at the same time every year? Do you look forward to your vacation traditions and find comfort in being familiar with a particular town, how to navigate it, and its activities? If so, Vacation Ownership is a great option for you. Additionally, if you often travel with a large group in which multiple hotel rooms and eating out every day can quickly become expensive, Vacation Ownership is a budget-friendly alternative. With full kitchens, larger living areas and laundry facilities in most rooms, Vacation Ownership resorts provide the perfect option for family holidays.

Additionally many Vacation Ownership companies affiliate with a hotel company to widen the choice of destinations. Similarly, an exchange program such as Interval International may allow you to “swap” your Vacation Ownership with another Owner to take advantage of other Vacation Ownership Club Resorts around the world.

What is my vacation style?What is my vacation style?What is my vacation style?

Can I afford the Vacation Ownership?

Many Vacation Ownership companies provide financing which allows owners to make a small deposit and then monthly installments over a number of years to pay off their purchase. This makes Vacation Ownership within easy reach of many people. Similar to a layaway system, you can pay off your annual holiday on a monthly basis, making holidays more affordable.

Can I afford the Vacation Ownership?

Should I view the Vacation Ownership resort before purchasing it?

If you have not yet inspected your Vacation Ownership resort in person, you should certainly do so. Some potential buyers become very excited upon finding their ideal Vacation Ownership programme, and after seeing beautiful pictures of the property they are ready to hand over their money. However, it is best to view your exact unit before purchasing so that you can inspect the quality, and avoid unwanted surprises on your first vacation.

Do I view the Vacation Ownership before purchasing it?

Anantara Vacation Club offers potential Owners the opportunity to stay at their Club Resorts at a heavily discounted rate to enjoy the services and facilities and attend a preview presentation to better understand the benefits of Vacation Ownership. For more information and to find out if a Club Resort is the right fit for you, check our Special Offers or contact info@anantaraclub.com.

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