A family vacation can be a rewarding, inspirational experience. To make the most of your next holiday, follow these travel tips that the whole family will benefit from.

10 Great Family Travel Tips

kids travelling

1. Plan Ahead

Know before you go – especially when travelling with little ones. Does your destination require any visas or immunisations? Is there a paddling pool at the resort? Guarantee a smoother start to your vacation and avoid scrambling last minute.

Get ahead by downloading our recently launched iVacation app where you can find out all about our resorts, as well as read reviews and make online reservations. Try it free, for Android or iOS.

2. What Weather is Awaiting You?

Think protection in sunny climes and even in dazzling snowy destinations. Chances are you will be outdoors more than usual and kids are more sensitive to the elements.  From, sunscreen, umbrellas and cotton clothes, to winter  onesies, ski-suits and warm pyjamas, it is vital to be aware of what the weather forecast is and how the climate can change. Is it monsoon season or the hottest month of the year? Is snow likely or could cool winds blow?

For more on how to defeat the heat in tropical countries, see our infographic.

3. Choose Family-Friendly Destinations

Anantara Vacation Club is focused on creating memorable family experiences, while still allowing Club Owners looking for an adult-centric break to relax in comfort too. Not only are child-friendly resorts better equipped to cater for little ones, but there is a much better chance that your kids will meet new, similar-aged friends. Narrow your holiday search by discovering what amenities, activities and menus are offered for youngsters, such as kids’ clubs.

4. Pack Right

Once you’ve finalised your destination and know what weather to expect, preparing a well-packed bag is key. For a tropical holiday, packing right means packing light, with cool clothes, sun protection and extra room for souvenirs   And what do your kids love doing on vacation? That will determine whether you pack inflatable pool toys, hiking boots, portable video games or sports equipment. Happy kids equal happy parents!

The key to perfect packing is to be organised. Here’s a great mobile app, with default and customised packing lists.

Packing right for travels

5. Allow Time to Settle In

Are you always raring to go as soon as you arrive at a new, exciting location? Remember, kids might need a little time to acclimatise. The climate, culture and cuisine of a new place, as well as sleeping in a different bed, can be intriguing yet initially daunting for little ones used to routine. Stay resort-side at first until youngsters get into the swing of the holiday vibe.

 6. Enjoy Pool Fun

Exploring a new place can broaden kids’ horizons. You can also enjoy hours of holiday fun simply splashing around in the pool and building sandcastles on a beach holiday. Try to do too much and you might need a break at the end of your vacation! Embrace simple pleasures to have a great time and relax too.

 7. Play as a Family

Aside from just finding activities for kids, what really makes a family holiday special and unforgettable are experiences you share together.  Make the most of area excursions and resort activities by joining a cooking class, diving into a water sport or exploring the region with a family day trip.

There’s so much to do in Bali, Koh Samui, Sanya, Bangkok and Queenstown with children, so get inspired here.

family having fun cycling around

 8. Explore Culture

Let kids soak up the local culture so that they feel engaged and involved. Why not give them a camera and let them interact with their environment – taking snaps whenever they please. A vacation journal or scrap book can be another great way for kids to remember their holiday experiences.

 9. Embrace Your Inner-Child

Family holidays are a great excuse for you to express your child-like sense of fun and wonder. The best way to relax is to travel with an open mind and allow inspirational experiences to resonate with the real you.

 10. Take Some ‘Me’ Time

Find time to relax on your own to give yourself a revitalising lift away from everyone else. Think spa treats, retail therapy or an adrenaline-fuelled activity.

Consult our Spa and pampering activities available at our Club Resorts on the Anantara Vacation Club website.

Spa and relax time for you

What are your top Family vacations travel tips?

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