When travelling with family, accommodations can make or break a holiday. To set up the right “home-away-from-home”, your first choice is simple: standard hotel suite or apartment-style accommodation? Here are some things to consider.

Which is Better for Family Travel: Apartment or Hotel?

Which is better for family travel: apartment or hotel?

Space and privacy

Space is the ultimate luxury. Even solo travellers like to spread out, so packing three or four—or more!—people in a standard hotel suite can start your vacation off on the wrong foot. In addition to tripping over suitcases, clothes, shoes and toys, different sleeping schedules (and snoring!) can often be disruptive for catching zzz’s (and sleepy people are often cranky people!). Cramped quarters make it difficult to have privacy, too, whether you want to have an intimate chat with a loved one or a secluded place to change into a swimsuit.


Having an apartment with a kitchen is a boon for travelling families. If you’ve got finicky eaters, dietary restrictions or just want to cut down on large dining bills, being able to prepare your own food without being at the mercy of the prices, offerings and opening hours of restaurants is a big perk! But apartments often have other offerings, too, like more elaborate entertainment systems, that will help keep everyone happy and occupied—note to mention provide instant rainy-day activities.

Anantara Vacation Club Bangkok

Living room at Anantara Vacation Club Bangkok

Apartments are good for when you want to spend time apart…

The secret to a great family vacation is being able to get away from each other for a few hours! Whether mom or dad needs desk space to check in with the office, grandparents want to get out of the midday sun, kids want to plop down in front of cartoons or teenagers want to listen to their iPods alone in their rooms, apartments have multiple rooms with doors that close, and often come with outdoor space as well.

…and when you want to spend time together

When lots of people or different generations are staying in a hotel together, sometimes getting multiple rooms is the only answer. But this makes spending time together difficult—calling to arrange plans, cramming everyone into a small space, sitting on beds. Being in an apartment lets people come and go easily, creating an effortlessly social vibe perfect for spontaneous chats and meaningful moments.

Anantara Vacation Club Phuket Mai Khao Two Bedroom Pool Villa

Anantara Vacation Club Phuket Mai Khao Two Bedroom Pool Villa

Check out ideal apartment set-ups for family travel—in an ideal family travel destination—at any of Anantara Vacation Club Resorts.

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