Top 5 Mobile Apps to prepare for your vacation by Ilaria Nardone.

Top 5 Mobile Apps to prepare for your vacation

We live in an age where mobile apps have made taking vacations cheaper, easier and infinitely more interactive with friends and family. There are many free apps which make planning, traveling and sharing your holiday experiences fun and easy, which will be the focus of this 3-part blog series: Mobile Apps for your Holidays, sharing our picks among the best mobile applications to maximize your vacation experience.

We have already looked at websites which can facilitate your travelling plans, and now we continue with some tools that are designed for your mobile devices; specifically 5 apps which will help you plan a better vacation and start to feel that ‘holiday glow’ weeks prior to departure.

1.  Best (and easiest) Airfares

There’s no magic recipe to find the cheapest flight, but there are some helpful apps which will predict price fluctuations by day and season with the most up-to-date flight information available.

We recommend the Skyscanner app, which instantly compares the prices of worldwide airfares, advises you of the best period of the year to travel, and offers convenient alert features.

Top 5 Mobile Apps to prepare for your vacation - Best (and easiest) Airfares

Image: Flickr Giacomo Petronio

2.  Organize and Relax

Wish to fully enjoy your vacation instead of stressing over itineraries and confirmation numbers? Once you have booked your flights and accommodation, you can relax by downloading TripCase and let it manage your schedule for you.

By forwarding your confirmations to TripCase, it will organize your flight itinerary, update you with gate changes and flight delays, and have your confirmation numbers, seat map, hotel information and phone numbers right at your fingertips.

3. Look & Feel Fit

Whether you’ll be relaxing on the beach or exerting yourself  in the mountains, a fit body is necessary to look your best in holiday photos and to feel great all trip long.

Let BodBot be your personal trainer- helping choose your fitness goals, preparing your weekly workout and monitoring your diet; you’ll start your travel in the best shape possible.

Top 5 Mobile Apps to prepare for your vacation Anantara Vacation Club Phuket Mai Khao Gym

4. Predict the Weather

Don’t get caught in a storm! With AccuWeather you can stay informed of your destination’s weather forecast. Add as many locations as you want and see updated hourly or long-term forecasts.

5.  Packing list

It’s finally time to pack! To avoid any last minute panic or forget something essential, let TripList help you.

You can choose from one of their default packing lists or customize your own, synchronize multiple devices and add alerts to ensure nothing vital is forgotten before you leave home.

Top 5 Mobile Apps to prepare for your vacation - Packing list

IMAGE: FLICKR Highways Agency

In our second part of the blog series, Mobile Apps for your Holidays, we’ll look at the Top 5 Apps to use while you’re at your destination to maximize fun and relaxation.

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