Let’s Plan Your Vacation: The Importance Of Advance Booking

Congratulations, you’ve become a Club Points Owner! As the time approaches to start planning your first holiday with us, we’d like to provide a few tips designed to help you enjoy greater choice and availability within the Club’s inventory.

Firstly, the time of year that you choose to travel to your selected resort is of the utmost importance. All destinations will experience peak travel periods, whether it’s the Christmas and New Year holidays, or months when the weather is ideal in that destination. Let’s face it – most people from the same region likely travel during similar times of the year, while tourists flock to certain cities or islands when the climate is ideal for exploration and relaxation.

Aerial view of Acapulco in Mexico

For instance, those living in Thailand tend to prefer to travel throughout the following holiday periods:

New Year’s Day – 1 January 2017

Songkran (Thai New Year) – 13 April to 17 April, 2017

Loi Krathong – 4 November, 2017

The Chinese celebrate different holidays than Thais, and typically travel during:

Chinese New Year – 28 January to 2 February, 2017

Dragon Boat Festival – 28 May to 30 May, 2017

Golden Week – 2 October to 8 October, 2017

And for our non-Thai and non-Chinese Owners, three holidays stand out for travel in particular:

Christmas – 25 December, 2017

Easter – 16 April, 2017

Thanksgiving – 23 November, 2017

Of course, the dates listed above don’t take into account the multitude of other statutory holidays, long weekends, school vacations and personal vacation periods happening in our Owners’ lives throughout the year….which can directly impact availability within the Club’s inventory.
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So, how can Club Points Owners manage to nab a spot in their destination of choice when seemingly everybody else is hunting for the same dates?



We can’t highlight the importance of booking in advance enough. In fact, many of our long-term Owners book up to a year in advance – which we highly recommend. With a 14 day cancellation window on almost all bookings, plan your stays as early as you can in order to benefit from increased availability. While 12 months ahead might seem like a long time away, you can always modify or cancel your booking if plans change. It’s better to have stays lined up early than to potentially miss out on availability by planning them too late, especially for those who know they’ll be travelling during peak periods. We recognize that plans can easily change within a year, so absolutely no fees will be applied to bookings cancelled within 14 days of arrival.

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Oh, and speaking of those 14 day cancellations..


Now, what if you’re booking in advance but still aren’t seeing availability?

It’s not a major holiday and there seemingly isn’t a reason for your travel dates to be in high demand. What gives? Most of the time, it’s a matter of room type. You’re looking for a two bedroom villas, but the resort in question only has a handful to begin with – and they’re all full. If you’re flexible, try searching for a different room type (or perhaps, two one bedroom villas). Alternatively, if you’re VERY flexible, why not peruse another resort? Our Club Services team always asks Owners qualifying questions to get a better feel for what they’re looking for. If your family is set on staying in a two bedroom suite but is happy to explore other resorts with a similar feel and amenities, why not head to our resort in Phuket when Anantara Vacation Club Bophut Koh Samui is fully booked?

Anantara Vacation Club Bophut Koh Samui

We’re always available to answer any questions about booking windows or Club inventory. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Club Services team or contact us via Facebook and Twitter. We’d also love to see photos of your first vacation, so be sure to upload your snaps to social media using the hashtag #anantaraclub!

If you are interested in learning more about how you can take advantage of the many benefits of Vacation Ownership, please email feedback@anantaraclub.com or visit our Special Offers page.

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Anantara Vacation Club, launched in 2010, is an exclusive collection of luxurious Vacation Ownership resorts and suites, offering each generation the opportunity to explore the world’s most exciting destinations. Owners can purchase Club Points that determine the length of stay, time of year and the size and type of accommodation. Visit: anantaravacationclub.com Contact us: info@anantaraclub.com

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