Family holidays make lasting memories, but travelling with kids is challenging, too. These six tips keep your dream vacation from turning into a nightmare.

Fun-filled family holidays: 6 tips for travelling with kids

6 tips for travelling with kids

Before you go

1. Be realistic about what you can accomplish with kids in tow. Everyone will be happier with frequent breaks for food or rest, and some fun activities that let wee ones be as loud, wild or silly as they want. You may not see every museum or hotspot, but the trip will be memorable for the fun you had, not the public tantrums.

2. Prepare children—even toddlers—for the flight by watching videos or reading books about flying together, and telling them about what will happen at the airport, from checking in to security scanning. The more they know in advance, the more likely they’ll experience it as exciting rather than scary.

In the air

3. Even if your child is young enough to sit on your lap, book an extra seat if you can. If it’s not possible, ask if you can be situated next to an empty seat when you check in. On long flights, let older kids stretch their legs by taking a walk up and down the aisle when it’s safe to do so.

4. Exhaustion, hunger and boredom are the enemy, so pack snacks and fun surprises to dole out as necessary. Even if food is served on the plane, you might have to wait for it, and these will also come in handy in case of delays, long car trips or long lines.

family travel tips on the air

On the ground

5. Unless you’ll be doing nearly no walking, pack a stroller. Parents say it’s a lifesaver when travelling, as it’s easier to keep track of kids, they’re less likely to get tired from walking and you’re less likely to get tired from carrying them. When checking it on a flight, pack it in a carrying case or duffle to help protect it.

6. Book a family-friendly resort with plenty of activities for kids. Whether it’s a Kids Club, special swimming pool or just games for a rainy day, having child-friendly options gives them a chance to let loose, and you a chance to relax.

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