In spite of occasional wet weather, taking a holiday in Asia’s rainy season has its benefits. Travel is often cheaper, destinations less crowded and, even with big downpours, it usually doesn’t take long for the sun to shine again. Plan ahead and don’t be afraid! A few hours indoors will whizz by with these tips.

5 tips for travelling in Asia’s rainy season


1. Make the most of the hotel

Grab a good book and find the comfortable couches and hidden nooks – a deep sofa in the lobby, a cosy corner in the bar. When the rains come down, order a drink and settle in. If you’re travelling with kids or in a group, plan ahead and bring a few games, or ask the Anantara Vacation Club team for a deck of cards. You can also take the opportunity to check out indoor facilities like a fitness centre, and be on the lookout for special activities organised by the Club.

2. Slow down for family time

The rain provides a respite from the heat, especially if you’re travelling with kids. This is a good time to get reluctant little ones indoors for some downtime, whether it’s doing crafts at a kid’s club, watching a movie or playing a game. These moments of rest and relaxation may prevent major meltdowns later!

3. Treat yourself to a little pampering

Grown-ups need downtime, too, and what better way to recharge than whiling away a few drizzly hours than in the spa? Relax with a massage, get glowing skin with a scrub or facial or perk up fingers and toes with a mani-pedi. Then lounge in the sauna or steam room before donning a fluffy robe and kicking back with a cup of herbal tea.

spa for rainy days


4. Learn something new

Become a Thai master chef at an interactive cooking class or lace up your dancing shoes and learn traditional tribal moves in Bali. Whether in-house or off-site, most destinations offer a variety of cultural classes for all ages, so you can take a cool new skill home from your holiday. The ultimate souvenir!

5. Discover the city

Big cities like Bangkok, Hong Kong and Tokyo have loads of indoor attractions to explore, from museums and art galleries to mega-malls that house movie theatres and theme parks. In addition to all-day attractions, hop online or ask the Club staff to help you research plays, concerts and other performances for a truly local experience.

One of the biggest advantages of rainy season travel? You’ll save Club Points! The number of Points required for bookings is usually less during the low season, so you can save more for future holidays. Explore all the great indoor activities at Anantara Vacation Club Phuket Mai Khao during a rainy season trip, then come back again for even more beautiful beach time!

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