5 Reasons You Should NOT Visit Xishuangbanna

Thinking about visiting Xishuangbanna, China on your travels? Here’s why you shouldn’t.

After witnessing a hazy sunrise over its mountains, you won’t want to wake up anywhere else

The region’s steamy tropical climate and multiple picturesque mountains create the ideal setting for awe-inspiring sunrises and slow-paced mornings spent appreciating the surrounding misty views. How will you manage to head back home to the daily grind of city life?


Dai cuisine might just be the most delicious food you’ve ever had and will ruin your taste for anything else

Xishuangbanna is home to a number of distinct ethnic groups, including the Dais a group of locals who are thought to be ancient ancestors of the Thai people. In fact, you’ll notice obvious similarities between Dai temples and those you can find in Thailand. The two cultures also share similar holidays, with the Dais celebrating the Lunar New Year in April by holding a fun water splashing festival similar to Thailand’s Songkran. The Dai people’s delectable cuisine combines traditional cooking methods with the use of local fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs to create uniquely sour and spicy dishes known to be some of the most appealing in the region. Good luck eating anywhere else ever again.


It doesn’t offer the same urban buzz as China’s bustling metropolises

There are no frenzied, traffic-filled city motorways here. The pulsating throngs of people that China has come to be known for are noticeably absent. Instead, you’ll be free to wander the city’s palm tree-lined streets at a leisurely place and explore the area without being jostled by crowds and breathing in exhaust fumes. With the multitude of options available to explore the region’s renowned wildlife and cultural heritage sites, you won’t be able to locate any of China’s megamalls or towering skyscrapers for miles.


The accommodation will be hard to beat

Eligible Club Points Owners can take advantage of Anantara Vacation Club’s Club Escapes (LINK: https://www.anantaravacationclub.com/destinations/club-escapes) programme and stay at the Anantara Xishuangbanna Resort (LINK: http://xishuangbanna.anantara.com/) , situated along the banks of the Luosuo River against a backdrop of wild orchids and mist-covered mountains. The resort’s spacious villas are accented by indigenous art, private pools, state-of-the-art entertainment facilities and exclusive butler service. The natural beauty of the property’s grounds will have you feeling as though you’ve stepped onto an unknown mystical planet – which might be difficult to recreate in the future.


You’ll be overwhelmed by the region’s scenic charm

Between sweeping views over towering mountains, verdant jungles, glistening green rice paddies, sparkling temples and hospitable locals, the beauty of Xishuangbanna shines through in every way – overwhelming anybody who gets the chance to witness it. While other travel destinations may be recognized primarily for their pristine natural environments or colourful cultural sights, Xishuangbanna provides the best of both worlds – offering a true assault on visitors’ senses and a lingering beauty never to be forgotten.

Still determined to visit Xishuangbanna? Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

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