Strange for some, delicious for others: there are tons of wonderfully weird dishes in South East Asia and they are the ultimate culinary adventure for anyone who wants to try something very different.

Join us for a wonderful and adventurous journey through these particular Asian foods!

5 Adventurous Asian Food


Surely a fruit cannot be that weird…can it? This pungent Southeast Asian ‘king of fruits’ is so beloved that the best varieties are highly sought after and expensive too. What makes durian so distinctive is its almost overpowering aroma. No wonder it is banned from so many public places, such as hotels and trains. However, despite needing a machete to break the tough husk, the sweet, creamy flesh seduces many. Durian boosts serotonin levels too, making it a natural feel-good fruit too!


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Ant Eggs

Why stick to chicken, duck or quail eggs when you can munch down on a red ant egg salad in Thailand? Or perhaps you would prefer the slightly sour flavour of white ant soup, another Southeast Asian culinary classic! Some chillies, garlic and sugar can add some heat and sweetness to the tart flavour of the eggs, with a plateful of stir-fried ant eggs creating a perfectly strange side.


While you might associate frogs’ legs with France, frog dishes definitely have an Asian flavour, with the bullfrog leaping into the culinary history of Thailand, Cambodia and China. Indonesia is home to frog leg soup and crispy fried frog skin snacks and crackers, while in Vietnam some frogs are boiled, seasoned and eaten whole!


Fancy a protein-rich snack with folic acid and zinc? What about a crispy bite with a soft centre? Deep-fried spiders are not a gourmet gimmick but a desirable delicacy in Cambodia. Tarantulas fried whole with a pinch of garlic and salt are the specialty of the Cambodian town of Skuon but roadside vendors sell them throughout the country.  Locals even believe tarantulas are good for ailments such as backache too!

Elephant-Refined Coffee

Elephant dung coffee might sound a strange brew but it is actually revered as one of the ultimate coffee-drinking experiences. You can try Black Ivory Coffee at five our Anantara Vacation Club Escapes resorts in Thailand and the Maldives. Northern Thailand elephants naturally eat, or refine, the coffee beans which are then hand-picked by Mahouts, sun-dried and roasted, with the mellow taste due to digestive elephant enzymes breaking down the bitter protein in the beans. 

Elephant Dung Coffee

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