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What to wear? How to dress for your best golf game by Jack Munro

Jack Munro Golf Tops for Anantara Vacation Club

People often ask me what to wear on the golf course. Since golfing is my job, I like to dress as smart as possible. It’s like putting on my business suit for a day’s work – it makes me feel professional and prepares me to compete for the day.

I organize ahead of time: I make sure my clothes are ironed and my shoes are clean. Also, it’s important to dress to the climate.

Here’s my checklist of essentials:

  • Loose pants and shirts –  It is hard to play in restrictive clothes.  I like to be able to move freely in my clothing, so choosing the right size and cut is really important.
  • On the Asian Tour, all players are required to wear players wear long pants and collared polo-style shirts.
  • For high-humidity Asian climates, it is essential to have long trousers that are made from quick-dry fabric.
  • My sponsor, Perry Gear, is my go-to clothing right now. They have a great range of cool and quick-dry fabric shorts, trousers and golf shirts that are ideal for Asia’s humid and hot weather. Their clothing is made from exceptionally high quality fabric, which keeps me comfortable and on my game.  The less distractions the better when you are trying to play to the best of your ability.
  • I always make sure that I have suitable clothes for the temperatures that I am in. When I travel back home to Australia, I adjust my clothing for the the changes in temperature.  So I always carry extra layers that are easy to take on and off.
  • I always check the club clothing requirements in advance so I know what to expect and can plan accordingly.  I hate surprises!
  • At a typical day on the job, I walk more than 7km, so well-fitting golf shoes are essential! And I always wear comfortable socks that let my feet breathe.

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Tips for Amateurs

I am lucky in that I get to participate in many Pro-Am tournaments. I’ve seen a lot of different types of styles on the course. Below, I’ve listed some do’s and don’ts for golfers when playing a casual round of golf:

  • Check the course requirements for attire, some courses have certain rules for what can and can’t be worn.
  • Dress to the climat! If it’s hot, dress to let your skin breathe. Don’t spoil your round by feeling overheated all day. If it’s cold, make sure you have enough clothing to keep you warm.  A quick change in the weather can leave you freezing on the course – there is nothing worse!
  • In general, golf attire is a little old-fashioned, and that’s fine.  But, don’t be afraid to buck the general trends by wearing some colour and better fitting attire. Ladies do this very well – and the gents could learn some more from them!
  • Follow the new trends. World renowned professionals like Ricky Fowler and Rory McIlroy are bucking the old trends when they go for flat peak caps, wide varieties of colors, and slim-cut pants and shirts. On the ladies side, Lexi Thompson and Michelle Wie are always a step ahead in course fashion!
  • There is nothing worse than forgetting a belt! Always remember your belt. 

What to wear? How to dress for your best golf game Jack Munro for Anantara Vacation Club

  • Forget jeans or other denim. In addition to being too casual, denim is too restrictive and heavy.
  • Cover your face. Don’t forget a hat, but leave your acoubra at home. A golf cap is perfect for the course; an acoubra is  great for the farm or a rodeo!
  • Bring a fresh set of clothes for after your round.  There is nothing better than sitting down for a drink with your friends after a shower and some clean clothes.
  • If you’re going to wear shorts, do NOT wear black socks.
  • Always have a trick up your sleeve. If you’re having a friendly bet with your playing partners during your round, pack an item of clothing that may make them laugh or cringe! A Hawaiian shirt or a cork hat may put them off their game for a couple of holes. But remember, this is only temporary.
  • Most importantly, feel comfortable in what you’re wearing and enjoy a day in the fresh air with your friends!

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