7 Ways to Ring in 2017 on a High Note with Dubai’s Spectacular Fireworks

In this age of global travel, New Year’s revelers are spoiled for choice. It’s not easy to pick from varied holiday destination gems such as Edinburgh, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Reykjavik, New York, Rio de Janeiro or Koh Phangan. But if your favorite style of celebration is to be enthralled […]

Discover Our Latest Club Escape in Exotic Zambia, Africa

Wake up to the sight of zebras grazing in the grass outside your window and sweeping views of the mighty Zambezi River, Africa’s fourth largest river. We’ve recently added the luxurious Royal Livingstone Victoria Falls Zambia Hotel to our portfolio of Club Escapes, expanding Club Points Owners’ travel options in […]

Unseen Vietnam: Motorcycling from Saigon to Hanoi

So you’re thinking of planning a motorcycling trip across Vietnam. We all know somebody who’s done it, and they always rave about the experience – claiming that it changed them forever and was a once in a lifetime opportunity. And it certainly does sound incredible. Vietnam is a gorgeous country, […]

Shop Until You Drop In Bustling Bangkok

Affectionately known as the Big Mango, Bangkok is a vast, bustling metropolis of over 8 million people. Often serving as the first stop on the itineraries of those travelling across Thailand, the city is home to a wide selection of incredible restaurants, temples, bars, coffee shops and cultural attractions. As […]

The 6 Best Beaches in Sri Lanka for Ocean Lovers

Located in the Bay of Bengal, Sri Lanka is a tropical island featuring miles of palm-fringed sandy beaches, waves begging to be surfed and azure waters playing home to a splash of local sea life. The natural beauty of the country, combined with its rich cultural heritage, local cuisine and […]

5 Sights Not To Miss In Doha, Qatar’s Sleek Cultural Capital

Having long been eclipsed by Dubai, Doha has rarely been the first city to come to travellers’ minds when planning their trips to the Middle East. Despite having played second fiddle to its glitzier neighbour for years, Doha is a stunning destination to visit in its own right. From awe-inspiring […]


Mid-year holidays are just around the corner and whether you’re dashing off for a romantic weekend or organising a full family holiday, planning a trip can often come with added stress. Between long travels days, dealing with unfamiliar places or climates, and changing your usual schedule, even the most fun […]


From the moment you select a destination, map an itinerary, and actually hit that ‘book’ button, you can already see precious moments forming in your head as you decide where to take your next great vacation. While there is certainly some thrill in planning a holiday, taking short breaks every […]